BEECH: Happy Hips Part 2

Ellie takes you through a quick strength-based exercise routine for happy hips. Using 5 exercises to target the muscles surrounding the hip socket, workout with Ellie from the comfort of your living room!

Hi, BEECH Community it’s Ellie, your exercise physiologist and Pilates, instructor.

This is happy hips part two!

Today we will be focusing on some basic strengthening exercises for the muscles around the hip. We’re targeting our adductors today, so our inner thighs, and we’re going to be targeting our gluteal muscles as well.

As always please do seek medical clearance from your doctor before participating in exercise with me, remember there should be no pain throughout any of these exercises. If you do get any pain, stop what you’re doing and contact your doctor.

What you’re going to need today is your mat, yourself, and actually a little ball. If you don’t have a ball, then a pillow, a cushion that’ll work just fine.

We’ll be doing 30 seconds of work, and then 10 seconds of rest. We’re going to start lying on our back feet are hip width apart, knees bent, place the ball in between your knees or the pillow, and we’re gonna hug onto that ball using your inner thighs.

First exercise, we’re going to squeeze the ball and lift the hips up and down. See if you can use all those core and pelvic floor muscles that we practiced before. Really drawing that potty’s corset on lifting up through the pelvic floor.

Good. Rest. You’re actually going to use the ball one more time, you either stay down here squeezing the ball, or you’re going to lift up and squeeze the ball.

Choose your option, lifting up, squeezing the ball 30 seconds, or level one stay down but squeeze the ball. working those inner thighs might be a little bit shaky. (Keep it going)

Take the ball out this time. We’re lifting up we’re going to push our knees apart, and back together, okay i’ll face this way for this one. Hips up, use the outside of your hips to push the knees apart back to parallel without lowering your pelvis.

We’re trying to get our outer glutes working, your core engaged shouldn’t be feeling any discomfort in the lower back. Keep it up. Rest quickly, rolling over onto your side, we’re going into some rectangles knees are bent feet hips, shoulders lined up, extend your top leg, and we’re going to trace some rectangles.

Your goal is to put your hand on top of your hip, keep your pelvis really stable, sweep your legs forward, lift it up, sweep it back, lower down a little bit of coordination here using hip flexors, and hip extensors our glutes.

So, no collapsing into the waist, keep lifting, keeping your pelvis stable and we’re gonna get up quickly rotate over to the other side. Setting up, extending your top leg rectangles forward, lift press back lower down, you should really feel your glutes when you push your leg back, you should feel your bottom switch on. Remember to keep the hips stable.

All right, one hip bone stacked on top of the other hip bone. After this, we’re going to come onto hands and knees ready. Remember to lift the belly button away from your shirt, we’re going to bend the knee and kick our heel to the ceiling, and then up.

Trying to isolate our gluteus maximus, hip extensor muscle, and some little donkey kicks, make sure not to arch your back. We want to keep our core engaged. Hanging in there really, pressing through your heel flex your foot four seconds to go, and then we’re gonna do the other side.

Roll the shoulders, wiggle the hips. If you need activate your core we’re going to do the
other leg. Let’s go lift and lower.

That’s all we have time for today, but I encourage you to repeat it another three times and you’re gonna get a good workout for all those muscles around the hips.

I will see you next time

Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or want to see any more advanced hip exercises and see you next time